3/5/2011 - 20:33



Defragmentation – a multi-genre regular night which introduces music, politics and other artistic activities where various fragments of different cultural traditions become new, experimental forms – has prepared the top event of this year!

Legendary producer and sound magician Adrian Sherwood will be marking the 30th anniversary of the foundation of his music label On-U Sound and he would like to share the masterpieces of his long-term activities – for the first time in the Czech Republic – with the crowds in the Cross Club, Prague!

Adrian Sherwood has played a very important role in the evolution of alternative music since the 1980s and has cooperated with many artists recognised worldwide. His iconic experimental dub show in the Cross club will be supported by Ghetto Priest on the microphone. The charismatic Ghetto Priest, one of the most distinctive voices of the On-U Sound, has already performed in Prague with various projects and proved to the crowd his unique individual expression.

During this event, a new label called Defragmented will be presented. This label focused on futuristic and experimental side of the dub, will feature also the artists and producers who got involved in the Defragmentation project so far.

Dj Yukimura, also known as studio producer Mustakillah Sound, will be introducing his new project "Killah Dub" and its first release "Garrison Town 2012". This tune, produced in exclusive cooperation with Ghetto Priest and Rebel MC (aka Congo Natty) on vocals in studio co-production with Adrian Sherwood, manifests the current state of a global civilisation controlled through virtual mass media. Referring to the ancient Mayan prophecy, "Garrison Town 2012" is an account of our times and a vision of the future we are heading to.

You will also hear another local project, „Anhedonia in Dub“, with exclusive set. DJ Abu will be representing the dubstep scene alongside the brass specialist Radimo, DJane Deus ex Machina will be playing her original experimental selection and DJ Coltcharam will be spinning the pieces from his collection of dubs from all around the world.

In the basement, the fundamental underground multi-genre soundsystem Roots'n'Future will be running all night long.

Get ready for this unique experience!


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