1/6/2011 - 21:31

Irie Up Magazine

Irie Up magazine is new independent european journal focused mainly on reggae, dub and connected genres or soundsystem culture. Some of you may have already read it or at least had it in your hands nevertheless we'd like to announce that we are officially a distributor for Czech. We've got, at the moment, few copies of last issues, namely issue number 6, 7, 8 and 9. The price is 80,- Czech koruna and we are happy to hand it over personally in Prague or send it by mail. (Ordering form)

Magazine itself consists of couple of regular sections. Besides traditional ones like event listings or latest releases reviews and interviews with singers, producers etc. you can find there an interesting part called reggaetown. In this one, IrieUp editors regularly visit different, mainly european, cities and introduce us into the past and present of local scenes. We were honoured to have them here in Prague too. The article that came out of this visit is actually quite unique as there's no such other material covering the history of reggae in Czech since the fall of iron curtain. We will publish an excerpt on our site very soon together with the translation of this article in czech which will, with the courtesy of Irie Up editors, be published in full. You can find more information about the magazine, other distributors and more on the official Irie Up website, http://irieup.com/.


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