20/6/2011 - 21:08

International Dub Convention

The end of the club season is coming and before you leave the town for all the festivals coming up we'd like to throw the last show in Cross club on 25th of June. This is event is a beggining of a new irregular series called "International Dub Convention" where we want to present current dub culture from different places from Europe. It will be all in our best tradition, with the usual stall full of records, irie up magazines and other merchandise and with extra sound system, this time we will be proudly baptising new hand-built bass boxes from our family, the Roots'n'Future sound system. We're gonna shake the Cross to the bones so if you are sensitive bring some earplugs. So what we've prepared? Firstly, a Jamaican singer Jah Ruben Mystic will appear alongside ourselves. Secondly, our invitation accepted a foundation dub sound from Zagreb, Croatia, Digitron Sound System and also as a little surprise Mark Dub from Bristol's Dub Revolution sound. As we always strive to show what's going on in our own neighbourhood we invited our Brno connection from Pawlač Zewls and Radio Bufera Crew, Jamal Rodriguez and Ramon Ramirez as well as Echodelic from Prague.

Jah Rueben Mystic (Bryan Williams) was born in april 1971 in Kingston, Jamaica. Growing up in the centre of "roots music" during the "70s reggae boom" young Rueben got involved soon. He took over his "silky" smooth voice after his favourite reggae singer then Sanchez. After gaining experience in small local sound systems and competitions Rueben toured with Black Hero Sound system around Jamaica where his performance charmed several producers and promoters. Shortly afterwards first contacts for studio recordings and live gigs with band at major reggae open-air festivals followed. Tune „JAH JAH ONLY YOU“ is one of the best tunes from his Jamaican era.

At the dawn of 3rd millenium Rueben moved to the european reggae metropolis London where he still lives. In London, he got the attention quite quickly and became a solid part of the scene. He's especially known for his combinations with Ras Zacharri in Mannaseh's production or for tunes he did with Markie Lyrics on Universal Roots label. This is his very first visit to Czech so don't miss out and make him feel welcomed. United Forces say so!

Digitron Sound System is a first and for sure best-known sound system in Croatia. Although it's been established in 2008 it is nothing that new as behind it stand seasoned musicians from Zagreb. To back it up be sure that the foundation member is nobody else but Vrki a.k.a. WRX the bass player from Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Radikal Dub Sound operator and it is him who's going to represent the sound here in Prague. So expect their own heavyweight production which is being released on their own label Digitron Records as well as some exclusive dubplates and roots selection and that all with the true punk attitude.

Mark Dub, from Bristol's sound Dub Revolution is a surprise guest and we're very happy to have him here. Dub Revolution is a loose crew of musicians, producers and singers and is more focused on diverse live shows than studio work. One of the current memebers of the crew is Knaty P who you may remember from the memorable visit of RDK Hi-Fi sound system back in 2008.


21.00 - 22.30 ECHODELIC
00.30 - 02.00 JAH RUEBEN MYSTIC (JAM) & UFoD


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