9/7/2010 - 20:01

Video : Kenny Knots - Dem Don't Know

Promised music video with Kenny Knots is finally out! It is first Kenny's official music video ever. The video was shot at the same time the tune "Dem don't know" was recorded. It was shot at the end of February in Prague, in Mustakillah Studio, Tešnov area and Cross Club. Big thanks to all who helped us and are supporting us, it wouldn't have happened without you!!!

Big up: Klaus Fuxjaeger and his crew, Michal Lánský, Ali & Geoffry, Roman Svoboda and Robert Smělý, Nina Šeblová, Lukáš Coufal, Roots'n'Future family, Kenzo and Cross club, Irie Memba, Forward March Posse...

Kenny Knots meets Mustakillah Sound - Dem Don't know


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