8/12/2010 - 12:17

Celebrate UFD10-03

2010 is slowly getting to an end and United Forces of Dub wants to say goodbye in its own way. Outside it's freezing snowing drizzling and one doesn't even want to think about going out but that's exactly what we are going to do on 17th at Cross club in Prague and on 18th at Fleda in Brno. We're going to present our 3rd release and traditionally we will celebrate it with proper dance. Are you wondering what to look for?

We are proud to announce that the international side brings a digital killer from a legendary owner of Conscious Sounds label and studio Dougie Wardrop aka Dougie Conscious. The vocal part in a waterhouse stylee is a creation of, our very favourite, veteran singer Sandeeno. The other side, from our own turf, is a compelling stepper enriched with uplifting melodica sounds and is produced by a Czech electronica pioneer Petr Míkovec.

Nastala chyba při načítání přehrávače

A1 Sandeeno meets Dougie Conscious - Bad Mind

Our fans already know that UFD release party is a big thing which finishes in the morning hours and this is not going to be an exception. We always try to bring and present the artists on that release and this is no exception either, that is Petr Míkovec behind the decks playing his favourite selection mixed with his own unreleased production and after that the mighty Dougie Conscious alongside a killer singer and deejay King General. As usual, the whole night will be accompanied by classic tunes and fresh dubs from United Forces of Dub with MC Ras JahDone.

Nastala chyba při načítání přehrávače

AA1 Petr Míkovec - Rootstock

Dougie Wardrop aka Dougie Conscious is nothing new for Czech fans. Dougie, Chazbo and Culture Freeman as Bush Chemists visited Czech first time in November 2008 and we feel it wasn't last visit.

Conscious Sounds label and studio is an essential part of the international dub community, it has influenced whole generation of dubheads and dougie's work should be in the hall of fame. Him alone, or in cooperation with others, under different names like Bush Chemists, East meets West, Messenjah, Hydroponics or Centry, has released many records and tracks and brought to light heap of singers and deejays like Culture Freeman, Singer Blue, King General or brought back Kenny Knots. Conscious sounds studio is an important hub in Europe as loads of raw recordings are getting final shape here so you can hear and feel Dougie's touch on many releases out there.

King General & Bush Chemists - Got To Be Conscious video on youtube

King General hails, same as Dougie, from Hackney, London, they both were brought up there and they know each other since they were young boys. Hackney is, in a way, very cultural place with loads of soundsystems and community centres and it is the place where King General got introduced to reggae.

Being a white boy his beginnings as a singer were very tough as in them days it was more or less a black man thing. Later he ended up in Dougie's studio where he recorded number of singles and dubs and that led in 1996 to a first LP King General Bucks Up Pon De Bush Chemists - Money Run Tings. Family and other factors stopped him for almost 13 years but luckily enough in 2008 Chazbo met General on the corner and convinced him to come back. You can listen to the result on King General Re encounters Bush Chemists - Broke Again released in 2009. What is also interesting is that he has never performed live on stage before he came back and it's more than worth it!

King General Interview – Video

Petr Míkovec is active in the music business since 1996, to reggae fans he's known especially as member of Czech band Ilam where he has written many songs and played synths and squeeze box. His way to reggae and dub music wasn't straight forward he got to know it through hip hop and other sample based electronic music, his first encounter with electronic based reggae was through a compilation Journeys Into Outer Bass (1995). As a producer he has released a very diverse album Vogelwijk on discontinued Virtual label, which released a lot of independent Czech electronica, in 2000. In 2003, he started DJing and very quickly moved to reggae and later to roots and dub. The tune Rootstock coming out on our label is his first purely dub production released.

Proper dance coming up with proper sound system so don't forget your ear plugs.


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