United Forces Of Dub catalog

UFD12-05 Catalog number: UFD12-05
Format: 12"
Release date: 4/2012

1/ On My Own Again feat. Earl 16
2/ On My Dub Again
3/ Rally Round Dub
4/ Talk About Dub
5/ On The Dub Side
6/ Dub Ninos

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UFD12-04 Catalog number: UFD12-04
Format: 12"
Release date: 12/2011

1/ Solo Banton - Stand Tall
2/ Dada Afrik&Kalcia - Real Gal
3/ Fireson - Babylon Waan Tear Mi
4/ Rueben Mystic - Show Love
5/ Juakali - Revolution Now
6/ Amiga Version

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UFD10-03 Catalog number: UFD10-03
Format: 10"
Release date: 12/2010

A1/ Sandeeno meets Dougie Conscious - Bad Mind
A2/ Dougie Conscious - Bad Mind Dub

AA1/ Petr Mikovec - Rootstock
AA2/ Petr Mikovec - Rootstock version

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UFD10-02 Catalog number: UFD10-02
Format: 10"
Release date: 7/2010

A1/ Jah Free - Run Babylonian
A2/ Jah Free - Dub Babylonian

AA1/ Juakali meets Syncro - Long Time Badman
AA2/ Syncro - Long Time Dubman

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UFD10-01 Catalog number: UFD10-01
Format: 10"
Release date: 3/2010

A1/ Kenny Knots meets Mustakillah Sound - Dem don't know
A2/ Mustakillah Sound - Dub don't know

AA1/ Vibronics meets Splitz Horns - Congo River
AA2/ Vibronics - Congo Dub

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