A/ Jah Free

AA/ Juakali meets Syncro

Catalog number: UFD10-02
Format: 10"
Release date: 07/2010
A: produced by Jah Free at Rainbow studio (Southend-on-Sea, UK),
AA: produced by Syncro at GunJah studio (Karlovy Vary, CZ), http://www.gunjah.cz/

On the first side, you get a fresh tune from legendary Jah Free. His charismatic voice is presenting us a straight message which content is clearly suggested by the track name – “Run Babylonian”. Babylon is going to shake under the pressure of heavy bass so typical for Jah Free's production. Also typical is the drum programming determining swinging beat supported by distinct skank and vintage hammond sound. Throughout the track, synthetic clavinet riff is adding it's sound to the base line and completing the distinctive groove. Dub version is darker and harder mix showing the skills of seasoned dub engineer. Lot of effects give the track new dimensions.

Flip side is a meeting point of interesting vocalist Juakali, originally from Trinidad, and a veteran soldier of Czech dub scene, Syncro. We are proud to present Syncro's tune “Long Time Badman” as Syncro has his own, for more than 10 years established, label GunJah. It is a straight stepper with lighter groove and darker atmosphere which is accentuated by the main horns theme full of delays and is fine-tuned by a guitar riff, phasered keyboard skanks and spaced synth pads. Dub mix is more or less an instrumental version which shows Syncro's studio skills and work with individual instruments. Whole dub is filled with Juakali's vocal bits.

Nastala chyba při načítání přehrávače

A1 Jah Free - Run Babylonian

Nastala chyba při načítání přehrávače

A2 Jah Free - Dub Babylonian

Nastala chyba při načítání přehrávače

AA1 Juakali meets Syncro - Long Time Badman

Nastala chyba při načítání přehrávače

AA2 Syncro - Long Time Dubman
UFD10-02 Cover UFD10-02 Side A UFD10-02 Side AA

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