17/5/2014 - 15:01

International Dub Convention


What does “dub conference” mean? When you reach a party branded this way, you will probably find a couple of soundsystem “walls”, that are situated around the whole space and keep changing turns in playing out. You might know this concept, which has become a world phenomenon and is gaining more on more popularity around Europe, for example from a legendary London regular dub night* University Of Dub*, which presents not-only UK key soundsystems, such as* Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti I, Iration Steppas* or *King Shiloh*. Thanks to the interaction, which keeps flowing between the sounds during the whole night, dub conference is an experience, which is undoubtedly very special and unique and that can't be felt during any usual concert or party.

As this is going to be the first event of such kind in Prague area, we have invited a special guest, who is more than familiar with this concept - the best known scottish ambassadors of the bass culture – *Mungo's HiFi*. Mungo's HiFi is a sound, which has been tirelessly promoting reggae and dub and also contemporary genres, such as dubstep or trap since their founding. They regularly release their own production on their labels *Scotch Bonnet*and *Scrub A Dub* and travel the world on tours around various countries and festivals. They played e.g. at last year's Uprising in Slovakia and Outlook in Croatia, where they are in charge of one of main stages every year. Mungo's HiFi have performed in the Czech Republic in the past, on a festival Real Beat, where they brought their own soundsystem, they also played around several venues in this country. For our session they are bringing a Nigeria-born *El Fata*, who is based in London and is a much sought-after singer, cooperating with many producers such as digital fanatics *Jahtari, Mungo's HiFi *or Prague-based* Riddim Tuffa*.

*Riddim Tuffa* is also going to be one of the local performers on the night longside czech dub veterans *United Forces of Dub* with a Kenyan vocalist* Fireson Bantu* on the microphone, *Intuitive Lab *from Zlin and his live act or Czech/French *Fyah Sound*. The sound is going to be provided by *R2D2*, *Bashment Bass Foundation*, *Raggaultras* and* FMP*, who all are also going to perform. The solid sound will be supported by a visual show of a VJ crew* Moire*.

Such an unique event belongs in an unique space, which definitely is an industrial zone *Nákladové nádraží Žižkov*. So it's time to note down *Friday 6th June 2014* and get ready for something Prague has never seen before!


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