21/11/2012 - 20:54

Release party vol. 6


Friday 14th of December is the date and Cross club is the place. We are summoning all reggae and dub heads for we are coming with yet another hot stuff. As was announced earlier we have worked with the RiddimShot band and now is the time for the revelation. There are three tracks based on the musical background of the a forenamed band. The riddim carries itself in a best roots reggae tradition with Mustakillah Studio's sound imprint. Again there are artists from different corners of the world featured behind mic. Jamaica, United Kingdom and Kenya are represented by Sandeeno, Dark Angel and Fireson.

Release party will take place in Cross club as usual featuring vocalists Sandeeno and Fireson live with RiddimShot band and they will accompany United Forces of Dub during their sound system set. Warm up will be provided by duo Petr Mikovec and Jakub Johanek and finished by local Fyah Sound. Basement stage will feature Roots'n'Future DJs.


Sandeeno was born in Birmingham Great Britain however he grew up and was raised in Manchester county Jamaica in the same community where artists like Garnet Silk or Tony Rebel grew up. He started his musical career as deejay Superman accompanied by his colleague Spiderman. They got recognized by audience quickly with their debut album produced by Ranking Joe. During following years they cooperated with different producers and were releasing with crucial labels like King Jammy's, Shocking Vibes or Penthouse. The real breakthrough happened to be the album "IT AIN'T EASY" in '93 which was warmly welcomed by critics followed by a tour around Switzerland. After the tour duo Superman Spiderman split up. Spiderman returned back to Jamaica and Superman, now as Sandeeno, stayed in Europe. He settled in England where he had a major success with his hit song "TEAR DOWN BABYLON" from the eponymous album. The single climbed up to the first position in reggae chart where it stayed for several months and it lived to see many remixes including the most famous one released by the cult label Knowledge & Wisdom. Sandeeno, thanks to his original performance and brilliant voice, became successful musician which lead him to cooperation with elite producers like Gussie P, Blacker Dread or studio Fashion. Thematic album "GUNCRIME GONE CRAZY" where he proved genre effervescence from roots to dub from ragamuffin to r'n'b was released after the start of a new millennium. At the present he works with well known British producer Dougie Wardrop (Bush Chemists) and their latest work is last year's album called "THE HEATHENS" on Conscious sounds brand with hit tune "BAD MIND" also known from our 10" single.


Fireson Bantu is an artist who doesn't need much introducing. Local audience knows him well for his tune "BABYLON WAAN TEAR ME" on our "Amiga Riddim" and by many performances around Czech Republic and lately for his cooperation with another local production Cocojammin. Fireson is talented hope of Kenyan and hopefully the whole African reggae. Music influenced him since his early years and soon he started getting involved. He got recognized by public in 2005 with his single NAIROBI TOO ROUGH on Ark-Angel Records. He supported his growing popularity with other hits like GOD BLESS or SHE WANT FIRE on the same label. Tune POLICE BRUTALITY became huge success sung together with Jamaican reggae star Ginjah. Fireson lives in Prague at the moment and concentrates on studio production mainly with United Forces crew and live sound system performances or concerts around Europe.


Czech band Riddimshot works on a music scene in different team configurations since 2001. Since its foundation they mainly performed as backing band with singers like King Kalabash, Baron Black, U-cee and others. The ever developing show of the band merges from roots reggae sound to modern shape of reggae, dancehall, dub and hip-hop. At the present, next to well coordinated rhythm section, band consist of experienced musicians playing and cooperating with bands like United Flavour, Svihadlo and so. The core idea of what Riddimshot are involved in is, apart from making their own studio productions, their development as a quality backing band being able to support artists throughout the genres of modern urban music. They also have prepared a show with already mentioned singer Fireson Bantu.


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